The Potters Wheels are Turning


Ginny demonstrates throwing

A new intake of students started at Clay Station started this week and already the shelves are stacked with work waiting to be fired! A considerable amount was produced on our potters wheels which were used for the first time yesterday evening – with great success.  Following a demonstration by Ginny, who of course made it look easy, it was all hands to the wheels

Potters at work1

and in a very short time some very impressive first pots were being turned out

First thrown pots2 First thrown pots1

– with just a few mishaps along the way –

First thrown pots3

and considering this was the students’ first experience of throwing pots we can’t wait to see what they produce after a few weeks when they’ve had a bit more practice.  We might just be needing a table at one of our local craft fairs …

About claystation12

Clay Station is a fully equipped ceramics studio based at the Omega Centre in Portsmouth. We offer short courses for beginners and open access through our members group.

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