Not Just Pots



If you’re under the impression that as a beginner all you can create is simple pots, then, as this photo clearly demonstrates, you would be mistaken!  This cute little creature was made by Amanda on our Monday morning ‘sculpting with clay’ beginners’ class. And he shared the kiln with an elephant, a dog and a whole bouquet of flowers!  It really is a case of only being limited by your imagination.  The simple processes of ‘pinching’, ‘coiling’ and ‘slab building’ can be used individually or combined to create an incredible range of objects in all shapes and sizes.  As our students continue to demonstrate!

But if cute animals aren’t your thing try googling images for ‘ceramic sculpture’ – the scale and diversity of work is simply amazing.  Then look up Swedish artist Eva Hild and be inspired!

eva hild

Or take a look at work by contemporary ceramic artists a bit closer to home such as Sophie Woodrow , Matt Smith or Sue Paraskeva.   This piece by Sue is more than close to my home,  it is – I’m very pleased to say – actually in it!


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Clay Station is a fully equipped ceramics studio based at the Omega Centre in Portsmouth. We offer short courses for beginners and open access through our members group.

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