The Clay Station are very pleased and proud to announce that we have been successful is securing  Big Lottery funding for our project


“Clay Without Borders”lottery logo large

The aim of the project is to give people the opportunity to learn the basics of working with clay, to be part of a friendly group, be creative and have fun in a safe studio.

As this is a funded project there will be no costs so everything is FREE– tuition, materials, exhibiting….

First and foremost the project aims to provide an opportunity to enjoy clay and to work in a group in a safe and friendly space. We will be providing  short courses of 3-5 weeks for groups of 5-10 people. Everything will be as flexible as possible and our aim is to be as accommodating as we can be.

There are many reasons to join the project and we hope this will give people the chance to produce something that tells their own personal story; it may be something that has impacted on their life-a positive or negative event be it physical or emotional; something that is meaningful to them; something from their childhood perhaps or something that illustrates their family or culture.

It may be to do with colour, a design, texture or form. They will be able to create a sculpture, a pot, a tile-there are so many possibilities.

At the end of the project we will all be involved in an exhibition, working together this will be  an exciting event when participants will be able to invite family and friends to see their creative masterpieces.

We will put together an exhibition be proud of …..  an exhibition extraordinaire!!!

We are very pleased to announce the exhibition will be at the amazing

apex Gallery in Gunwharf Portsmouth.

Exact exhibition dates and times will be confirmed and announced very shortly. Also look out for dates when we hope to hold workshops at apex before the end of the project. These will be free and open to everyone. Book early as places will go fast!!!

We can confirm that the Preview of the exhibition


will be on Saturday 17th September 2016 4-6pm

and are very pleased to announce that

our wonderful Patron Keith Brymer Jones

will join us to open the exhibition.


If you and/or your group are interested in joining our project please contact us for further details. We welcome individuals and community groups in the Portsmouth area.


Tuesday February 23rd we had our first group of the project-the 3cs group from Macmillan QA. We all had fun and everyone enjoyed making a wide variety of things with clay. Next week they will be starting their own individual work telling their own personal stories.

It is a real pleasure to work with such a lovely group of ladies.


Its a busy time! Today we have signed up another 4 groups. It is such a wonderful opportunity for community groups to be involved in the project but also a privilege for us to be able to work alongside such amazing people-turns out it is a wonderful opportunity for us too!