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Omega Centre


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  1. Hello Ginny
    I was wondering when you will be offering courses in basic throwing techniques for Late September, October and November2016. Many thanks Alec

    • Hi Alec
      We have just advertised a throwing course-details on the website and FB page!
      3 days 22nd/23rd October and November 5th £120 including materials
      Places go fast so thought I would let you know!
      Kind regards

      • Dear Ginny Thank you so much for bringing this course to my attention . It is exactly what I need at the moment because I have just started throwing on my new wheel. However, I cannot give a definite answer until Tuesday because my wife has just been diagnosed with cancer and we have to attend the oncologist and find out about the Chemotherapy regime. If it is to start immediately then I cannot take part but if they want more tests and want us to start the week after , I could come. Please let me know if a place is still available. Yours sincerely Alec Roberts

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      • Dear Alec-So sorry to hear your wife has cancer. I was diagnosed 6 years ago with breast cancer-I found QA absolutely amazing though the treatment was tough to get through-mastectomy,reconstruction and then chemo. I know there is a fantastic Macmillan group at QA and we had the privileged to work with them on our recent project which is being shown at Aspex gallery Gunwharf at the moment. The first round of chemo was not as bad as I thought but it does get worse over time. I found the oncology staff were also absolutely amazing-the only downside was having to wait around for meds from the pharmacy on occasions!!!
        Please let us know when you can about the course-I will pencil you in for now. I wish you and your wife lots of luck and hope all goes as well as possible. If there is anything I can do to help , e.g. if she wants to chat or ask questions please let me know. Its a scary time but Im sure she will be very well looked after. All best wishes-Ginny

  2. Dear Ginny
    What a kind and thoughtful response.
    I will email you on Tuesday pm after our first meeting with the oncologist.
    Best wishes

  3. Dear Ginny
    The good news is that I can come on the course this weekend.
    Please send me details and tell me how I should pay.
    My wife Jean will start her chemotherapy on October 31st.

  4. Hi Alec. I was wondering how things went today! I think the course dates have been changed due to the great south run clogging up Portsmouth this weekend. I will get the new dates to you. Hope your wife is OK and the prognosis is good. Ginny

    • Dear Ginny I have already sent an email. But never mind, the Chemotherapy will start on October 31 and so I was hoping to come this weekend. She is being very stoical but the side effects will be horrible and the reality of this is upsetting. Let me know of the new dates and hopefully I can work this care around them. Thank you for your kind empathy. Alec

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      • Hi Alec-I found it a frightening thing but I must say it was not as bad as I thought-Everyone is different and copes differently. I am sorry the dates have been changed but it is out of my control. We will let you know the new dates as soon as we can. As for your wife’s chemo, I found that the first day or so after treatment were the worst then things improve till the next round! Ginny

  5. Hello, it is my 9 year wedding anniversary, which is pottery and I would like to book a session for my husband and I as our wedding anniversary present. Do you offer a 2:1 class for such an occasion or would it be a taster session we would need to book?
    Kind regards,

    • So sorry-only just picking up messages!What a wonderful idea. I will investigate options and get back to you asap.

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