Years  of Experience Between Us!

Clay Station is a not for profit organisation with a team of experienced volunteers. It is led by the “Management and Development Team” which administers the organisation, manages the studio and runs the workshops and courses.


The Management and Development Team are:


Ginny  – Clay Station Chair 






Ginny secured the equipment to set up and establish The Clay Station in 2012. Since then The clay Station has evolved and grown from strength to strength. Many people have contributed to its short history but only a few have remained since the beginning!

Ginny’s work is led by the process and use of materials where the physical activity of making and experiencing the material is fundamental to her practice and central to her philosophy.  Ginny’s chosen material is clay and what fascinates her is the physical processes used in ceramics.  Most of her work consists of thrown pieces which are then deconstructed or distorted.

BA (1st Class Hons) 3D Design; MA (Distinction) Fine Art

Winner of the Aspex Graduate Award 2012 and

Art Space Portsmouth Graduate Residency Award  2013/14 winner



Amanda -Clay Station Studio Manager



amandas pic 1


Amanda was one of our first students at Clay Station and is now studio manager and valued member of our team. There is a sculptural element to all of Amanda’s work with complex details and textural surfaces which are enhanced by being finished with a range of oxides and glazes.  Amanda is a consummate experimenter and she is currently exploring and exploiting the properties of paperclay.


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